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Blue Fox Super Bou Spinnerbait FT
14.00 €
Fishing | Lures | Rapala | X-Rap SubWalk
Rapala X-Rap SubWalk GGH

For the first time, apply the walk-the-dog style technique below the water surface. Twelve color patterns and a VMC® SureSet® feather tail hook complete the look. Cast it out, let it sink and get ready to see the X-Rap® attitude of this rebel of the water come to life. Begin twitching your rod tip and watch the X-Rap® Subwalk™ dive into sub-surface hunting mode but don’t relax, because you’re in for one exciting day on the water.
Art. No Running Depth Body Lenght Weight 
XRSB09GGH 0-0.6 m9 cm19 g
10.40 €   9.95 €
XRSB15GGH 0.3-1.2 m15 cm58 g
12.95 €

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